How You Can Get A Great Return On Your Advertising Investment

Return on Investment

You Want A Good Return On Your Advertising Investment


Actually, you want a GREAT return from your advertising investment. You want a return of 1,000%!! 2,000%!!!

But let’s take a look at this realistically.

Let me show you how you can get a real and solid return on your advertising investment that will keep you happy for years to come.


Advertising Is An Investment


One thing I want to make clear right away is that advertising is NOT a cost to your business. It is not a cost.

Advertising is an investment in your business. And as a small business owner, the best investment you can make is an investment in your own business.

When I explained how receipt tape advertising works, I mentioned that the price is the best part. Receipt tape advertising has the lowest investment per thousand impressions of any form of advertising.

Price is your investment.

Let me ask you. If you could get 100% return on your money, how much would YOU be willing to invest?

Let’s take a closer look at how this magic can work for you.


The Cost Of Your Investment


There is nothing FREE out there. Even things that are FREE require some sort of investment of time or money. Buy one, get one FREE….you have BUY one first. Get this FREE report? You have to subscribe to my mailing list.

So there are costs associated with your receipt tape advertising investment. Fortunately, there only 3 of them:

  1. Cost of Goods Sold
  2. Your Offer
  3. Your Investment (yes…I said it’s not really a cost, but…)

That’s pretty simple, right? Only three items of take into account. Let take a quick look at them:

Cost Of Goods Sold

Whether you have a restaurant, an auto repair shop, a dry cleaner, a beauty salon, there are cost associated directly with the food you prepare or the services you perform. In a restaurant for example, you figure your food and beverage costs…usually that between 30-40%.

Your Offer

As I mentioned when I explained how receipt tape advertising works, your offer is the real magic that drives customers to your business. $7.00 OFF an Oil Change. $5.00 OFF a purchase of $20 or more. You get the idea.

Your Investment

I said this wasn’t a cost. And it isn’t, But I include it here so you can figure your Return on Investment (ROI). Your investment is what you pay monthly to place your ad on the receipt tape at your local supermarket. What I will show you is how receipt tape advertising returns that investment to you, and more.


So, that’s it for costs. Really. But let me cover one last point before we move on to the fun stuff, the ROI…

These Are NOT Costs:
  • overhead
  • rent/mortgage
  • heat, lights, utilities
  • labor, payroll
  • insurance
  • maintenance
  • taxes
  • equipment

None of those things are cost factors for your receipt tape advertising investment. You have to pay all those things whether you invest in the magic of receipt tape advertising or not. As I will show you, receipt tape advertising will bring you the ROI that can help you pay for those things. But they don’t factor into your ROI from receipt tape advertising.


The Return On Your Investment


Here’s how the magic works for you.

You invest in your business. You invest in receipt tape advertising at your local supermarket. You place you irresistible offer directly into Mom and Dad’s hands everyday. And the benefit to you is more customers, cash-flow and profit.

Here’s how it works. I use a restaurant as an example. Based on actual clients of mine by the way.

You place your ad at your local supermarket. Let’s assume that your investment is $300/mo which is $3600/yr or $10 per day.

Let’s get an attractive offer for you. You’re going to offer $5.00 OFF a purchase of $20. This is a great offer. It’s simple and easy for your wait-staff, and your customers have to spend at least $20 to take advantage of it.

My restaurant clients typically get 5 to 10 coupon redemptions per day, on average. Some days more, some days less. But we’ll use 5 redemptions per day for this example. And the average ticket, which might be more than $20, we’ll use $20 since that’s the minimum your customer has to spend to take advantage of your offer.

5 Coupons redeemed @ $20/ea = $100/day in revenue from your investment.


Food Cost @ 40% of $100 = $40/day
Offer Cost @ $5 x 5 coupons = $25/day
Your Investment @ $10/day = $10/day


So your costs are $40 + $25 + $10 = $75/day

Your revenue is $100/day.


Your return on investment is: $100 revenue/day – $75 cost/day = $25/day Return On Investment


That’s a 250% Return On Investment. Each and everyday!

My only question for you is when do you want to get started investing in YOUR business so you can get that sort of Return on Investment?

Let me help you get started today.


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