3 Ways To Leave Money On The Table, and 1 Unique Solution

Always Leave A Tip3. Don’t Forget To Leave A Tip


Let’s get this one out of the way right now. Number 3 in our countdown is Don’t Forget To Leave A Tip. THIS is the ONLY time you should ever leave money on the table.


It makes no difference whether you are dining at George’s Steak House, or at Olive Garden, or at Julie’s Cafe. It makes no difference whether you are spending $5 or $5,000. Waitstaff depend on tips for their livelihood. So it’s common courtesy to make sure you compensate them for their service. Even if their service was not the best, leave them something and let them know why.


It also makes good business sense. More money in the local economy is good for everyone’s business…especially yours. Being a generous tipper in your local market is good for your reputation. What goes around, comes around. It’s not a cliche, it’s honest truth.

So please, when you dine out, Leave Money On The Table. And don’t be quisling about it. Be generous.


But remember, this is the only time I’d encourage a business person to leave money on the table.


After all, you’re already leaving plenty of money on the table every single day in ways you do not realize.


For example, there’s #2 in our countdown: (more…)